Art 1 Sneak Peek Week of September 3-6, 2013

Last week we discussed and explored the use of positive and negative space when making art. As a result we created Notan Designs. Notan is based on the eastern symbol of Yin Yang. This symbol of opposites in visual equilibrium denotes harmony and balance. Both of which are principles of design. In creating the Notan designs the students created black and white images from paper that show the equal importance of shape and the space that surrounds it.

Notan Design

Notan DesignNotan DesignNotan Design

Next, the students are learning how to create depth by drawing distant objects smaller and in less detail, applying atmospheric perspective, by overlapping objects, and by placing objects that are up close either high or low in the picture plane. It will be a challenging but rewarding few days. The students will learn observation skills, and drawing techniques that will improve their confidence when creating a composition.